Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In the shadow of the Monolith

At work we switched over to a new software system.  This is supposed to be the industry leader; the electronic medical record system that all ERs should use.


It does some things better than the old system.  And some things less well.  The transition has been challenging.  I think The Powers that Be were getting a little frustrated with our slow pace of adopting this modern marvel.

Because one day I showed up for my shift and found this:

Oh, you might not recognize it at first glance because it is tipped sideways.  But stop and think a moment.  A flat black rectangle that appears mysteriously.  Seem familiar?

Yep.  It is the mysterious monolith from the classic Sci Fi movie 2001 A Space Odyssey.  In case you never figured out the plot - for which you can be forgiven - it involves unseen high tech aliens placing these monoliths where primitive (and later advancing) Man will find them.  Exposure to the Monolith makes you smarter.

Later in the movie it all gets trippy and psychedelic.

And you know what?  As I watched the hypnotic screen saver images on our Monolith I actually did start to feel just a little smarter.  I think.


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