Friday, February 20, 2015

Nerd Week

The last week for my two after school classes at the middle school.  I have not said much about the Dungeons and Dragons group because, frankly it is a silly undertaking and bereft of any plausible educational content.  It is also a lot of fun.

Perfect timing as the final session concluded with all the right elements.  Faced with a 25 foot tall, slime covered horror the lads (and one intrepid lady gamer!) rose to the occasion and prevailed albeit in a slightly digested state.  Pathos points to Jabbo the puppy who avenged his master's death by howling mournfully, then launching a fangs bared frontal assault.  As he was clobbered by multiple tentacles he  expressed his utter contempt by lifting a leg on the monster in his final seconds of life!

I am already being asked to reprise my role as game master next year.  We shall see....

Thursday was Race Day for our robot "desk racers".  More than the usual ration of last minute glitches but we had a race in each of the three lunch sessions. Some, er, interesting driving made none of them photo finishes.  I think the third and deciding heat would have been close but there was a power failure in the final turn.  To their credit the lads pounced and had it diagnosed and fixed in 30 seconds, but the lead and the best of three title slipped away in that time.

I will have some very interesting video clips up this weekend, but just a couple of shots.

Ready for the starting flag.  Yes, that black hovering object is a camera drone.  It followed the racers on their lap around the school hallways.

My traditional "privacy compliant" class photo.

Fun times.  The robotic hi-jinks now go on hold until fall.

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