Friday, February 6, 2015

Desk Racers - Six

Short post this time.  My assistant was unable to be there tonight so the adults to monkeys ratio was not ideal.  We had a lot to get done.

Wheels mounted, motors mounted, bushings set into wooden blocks that actually fit.  Tested under power.  Impressive RPMs.

Racer C near completion.  Note the low ground clearance.  Hope nobody drops a Kleenex on the floor during the race, it might not make it over.  As is always the case with scavenged equipment, there were a couple of issues.  The main power switch was off of an old computer.  It did not work.  Maybe that had something to do with why it was thrown away.  And one of the PWM cables that connect the radio receiver to the speed controllers failed.  Heck some of them have been in a dozen projects over the years, not all of them qualifying for "gentle use".  Good troubleshooting lessons and swap out the bad parts.

If we had another 15 minutes we would have had our last machine running.  I always say that.  In this case I suppose I should say that it might run.  The balance of torque to RPM is not ideal. On race day (two weeks from today) it might just sit there.  Until we give it a little shove...

All three racers crowded into their closet / garage.  Great support from the tech ed teachers this year. To do robotics you really only need enthusiasm, durable electronics, and storage space.

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