Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mid Winter and Interesting Times

The days are getting a little longer now, and on occasion we get a balmy stretch that fuels my Delusions of Spring.

It's noon on a Monday and already I have heard from:

The Department of Natural Resources with a possible offer to explore a brewery cave on one of their Bat Hibernation Surveys!

Someone who is doing a book on medical care received by WWII POWs.

And most excitingly from a Vindolanda excavating crony who has - cue the triumphant fan fare - been accepted into a graduate level Archeology Program.

Yes, the world may look dead and frozen but there are lots of fun things waiting to awaken.

Also bats.  Opinions are varied on how fun they are.

1 comment:

Honeybee said...

No evidence that beer was ever stored in our attic but it still may be a bat cave. You may survey it at any time, as long as you capture and release (elsewhere) any critters you find.