Friday, September 12, 2014

FrankenBunny and Pals

I have been seeing more examples of "Folk Art" around lately.  I think this mural painted by local high school students qualifies.

Lots of whimsical critters here, not always done with classic perspective ratios...

A worried looking trout.

A gigantic squirrel.  He can insolently turn his back on the glowering hawk right behind him.

A large mouth bass with "Disney Eyes".  It appears to be leaping out of a localized area of boiling water.  An albino cardinal watches indifferently.

The glowing red loon eye in lower right is scary enough.  Note also the "skunk eyes".

The average weight of an adult North American beaver is 44 pounds (20 kilos).  This oddly assembled "Frankenbunny" must be at least 50 pounds.  Time for an entry in one of my long neglected categories The Rodent Peril.
Addendum.  While clearing out additional photos of this mural I noticed something off in one corner. It seems I was mistaken in my theory of this being a school project.  An artist has signed it, way off on the right hand side next to the howling albino wolf.

Having been a bit, er, critical of the work maybe I will just skip the name, but a quick internet search shows that the individual in question is a real estate agent who dabbles in "commission work" of this sort.  Maybe the perspective issues can be explained by the fact  that said artist lives on a farm with "a small herd of minature horses, one pygmy goat, two cats.."  

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