Monday, September 15, 2014

A Baseball Mystery in Five Post Cards. Part One.

A friend found a small collection of post cards at a garage sale.  Recognizing them as my sort of story she loaned them to me.  Together they tell a tale, but one that teases with information just out of reach.....

Our first card is a racy little number.  And a little creepy.  Notice how the young lady has her eyes on the camera?  And the "umpire" does not seem to be making the traditional "safe" sign of arms held straight out.  He has wrists bent as if he is recoiling in surprise.  He also has more of a nautical cap on, rather than the usual umpire's gear.  Is he some sort of voyeur?   There is of course a base in the picture, and the fellow stealing a kiss is wearing spikes.  As to the location of his left hand, well, just how old is the phrase "second base"?

This card is addressed to a Carl Christianson in Viroqua Wisconsin.  Presumably the writer and recipient knew each other well enough for a bit of banter,  Also so that he writer could sign himself simply as "I.No."

The card was sent from Melville Montana on an illegible date in 1910.  Melville was still something of a wild frontier town at that time.  It was and is famous for trout fishing.  Parts of the town have survived unchanged from this era and featured in the fishing/brotherhood film A River Runs Through It.  Was the enigmatic I.No. out there fishing?  Was he a brother to Carl?

The story continues tomorrow, and daily the rest of the week.

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Anonymous said...

I Gnu U could find out something. Can't wait for installment #2.