Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Baseball Mystery in Five Post Cards - Part Four

The fourth in a series of post cards that seem to be telling a story.  Back track for the earlier post(s).

A rather nice post card this time.  Or at least it used to be.  It has blue felt forming the pennant and red ink on the highlights.  Notice the particulars on the reverse, Ben Christianson has now moved to Knapp, Wisconsin.  This is about 70 miles northwest of Viroqua.  Note also that the date on this card is July of 1915.  I assume this is old stock, as the events of August 1914 made all things German seem far less quaint and jolly.

The message is short and sweet.  Someone named Josie likes LaCrosse and says all is well.  It is hard to say much given this small amount of information.  I do note that "Josie" misspells Ben's last name...en instead of on.  Perhaps this was a less familiar acquaintance.

1915.  Things were happening in the world.  Things that would soon involve Ben Christianson.

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