Monday, July 7, 2014

The Birth Place of Bill the Squirrel

Bill, my prized taxidermy squirrel was created at a shop called Dreaming Badger.  It is a little out of my usual route but the other day I was passing by with a few minutes to spare.

They have a lot of bears.

As to why it was effectively a Bull Market for Bears the owner indicated that several of these had become without homes due to spousal refusal to have them about.  In one instance there was a divorce involved.

And there was other stuff too.

I found the raccoon to be a little alarming.  I am sure it was supposed to look as if it was poking its head out of a hole in a tree trunk.  But the actual effect looked more like a hideous raccoon-fungus hybrid.

Finally, speaking as one who has been closer than you should get to a live moose, here is what a stuffed one looks like close up.

Yes, I do like me some taxidermy.  Maybe the existing bear skin rug - a ridiculous bargain at an antique shop - needs an upgrade.

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