Friday, July 25, 2014

Darth Vader Meets Hello Kitty

We had some "loaner grandkids" up at the cabin recently.  Great fun, and it was nice for their official parents/grandparents to get a little break.  Fish were caught, games were played.  Tantrums were endured.  It got me thinking about the differences between little boys and little girls, both of which we had represented.

Naturally there are not supposed to be any differences of significance.  Little girls can grow up to be astronauts or fire fighters or President.  And boys, well, not so much is said about them but if Barbie can be Anything she wants to be we assume Ken can as well.

But recently I made a rare trip to a place where gender differences are alive and well.  And gonna stay that way.

The Shoe Outlet.

Boy's Shoes on one side of the counter, pink girly shoes on the other.

Darth Vader and Spiderman.


So very, very much Pink.

Buzz and Scooby and Woody for the Boys.


Kids, especially the younger ones, don't give a hoot about what they "should" wear based on some standard of Political Correctness.  They just know what they like.  It would be cruel to try and over rule them.  Later of course, things change.  A Sign of the Times:

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