Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tree Shaped Tombstones - Goshen Indiana

So we were in a cemetery in Goshen Indiana.  The story is complicated and peripherally involves a gas leak and explosion, but never mind all that.

A stately specimen, notable for this small script on the "scroll"

Marks identifying the carvers of these masterpieces are frustratingly rare.  I have a policy of not scrubbing at these things so my best guess is C.D.S. GOSHEN.  Nice fake square nail next to it.

Time has been a little hard on this one.  The "scroll" has partially broken away.  And I wonder if the round area just above the COBBUM inscription used to hold some sort of metal inset? Next up is a nice one.  This is a size I have not seen before, rather slender.

And what a great flower basket.  Local variations when you go from one region to another keep the hunt interesting.

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