Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Detours with Faeries

I am accustomed to some rustic lanes in England, but roads in Cornwall are amazing.  Steep rock walls covered with greenery.  More like tunnels really.

Today when weather threatened I proposed a short cut.  There was some kind of marked and gated path leading inland from the Coastal Path.  My wife was skeptical, or if you prefer realistic on the basis of previous misadventures.

But we slogged our way along its muddy course and actually did come out in the right place.

After nearly losing a shoe in this glop my wife was less than pleased to note the sign at the exit said "Bridle Path".  Pointed comparisons between that and Bridal Path were made.

Me, I think it was suitably spooky and ancient.  Cornwall is one of those areas where tales of elves and pixies flourish.  Understandably....can't you just imagine meeting one here?

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