Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Winter War, April 2014

Robins have arrived.  Baseball season has started.  We have been getting seed company catalogs for months now.  So, have a look at April 4th 2014.

This is not regular snow.  It is the heavy, late season stuff.  Tree branches are dropping all over town. Most likely this has something to do with the fact that our power has been off most of the day.  The local schools are all closed.  Looking at the prospect of keeping the little urchins cooped up until mid June I am sure they are regretting their lack of spine earlier in the year when snow days were announced on much lesser justification.

Winter has been not so much a season this year as a prolonged occupation by a particularly thuggish invading army.  Sensing the advance columns of Liberating Forces to the south triggered this last, spiteful round of callous cruelty.  Thus far the populace has been long suffering and well behaved but those folks down at the local ski shop are looking more and more like Quislings and Collaborators, so they'd better be hoping for sunshine and warmth pronto.

Well, at least it did give me an opportunity to enjoy one of the few forms of Happiness that money actually can buy....

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