Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Uri Geller Does in his Spare Time

On a walk recently I encountered this interesting commercial venture:

Hey, I've seen less plausible business models.  Hooks are actually a product that has some practical use.  Cheap, and not unattractive.

I had initially titled this post "What Uri Geller Does in Retirement", but a quick Wikipedia search shows that the 66 year old Geller is still active.  Some performing, some treasure hunting, some suing folks who imply that he can't actually bend spoons.  Just being Uri Geller in other words.

But I cast no aspersions here.  I admire showmanship and would very much like to believe that intense concentration can accomplish much in this world.  I also admire his car, a vintage Caddy covered with bent spoons of various level of significance based on prior owners and/or mental energies expended in their bending.

Want more pix of Uri's spoon infested ride?  Well, sure you do.


Honeybee said...

Darn it, the long gone grandmas of this world are turning over in their grave at the sight of their precious cutlery being turned into HOOKS! I drive by this display and wonder if the guy makes any $$ at all off of this or if it's just for amusement (and to irk the grandma spirits). P.S. Knowing the neighborhood, this display seems ripe for vandalism.

next door Laura said...

Would it be criminal vandalism if we just went and hung stuff on them? Or would the judge see it as harmless hometown hijinx? Honeybee, could you please consult our attorney on this? Before it is too late.