Monday, October 21, 2013

Tree Shaped Tombstones - With Faithful Dog!

In a cemetery near Appleton, Wisconsin we find this rather attractive family grouping.

It is difficult to ignore that massive, vine encrusted tree, but the really great feature is in the smaller subsidiary stump just to the left of the main unit...

I have encountered a few other animal forms as part of tree shaped tombstones, but they are usually an ambiguous critter that could be a lamb, a deer, or a scrawny dog.  This fella is all canine.  He is waiting for a loved one to return.

He seems comfortable on his bed of moss, and has the innate patience of all dogs.  This is good as his wait will not soon be over.

Filed away in a category of things I am going to show a stone carver one day.  I am planning on having a tombstone much like this one.

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