Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teams with Better Logos and Better Records than the Minnesota Twins


Another bad year for my beloved Minnesota Twins.  They finished with a record of 66-96.  True baseball fans cannot change their allegiance to a team but three consecutive seasons of bad baseball do make one weary.  For a change of pace here are a few fun sports team logos I have run across. Mostly baseball, but a few from "the lesser sports".

Academics and sports do not have a comfortable relationship in most instances.  So I like these two from a pair of fine European university towns.

Places where baseball is a relatively unknown sport probably work harder to come up with clean, informative, attractive logos.  I would love to have a hat/shirt with either of these two.

Teams that celebrate local products and industries are fun.  The most famous of these in the States would be the Green Bay Packers.  The trainers of the Leverkusen basketball team probably get free aspirin.  I don't want to think too hard about the concessions stand at the Stockton California minor league team.  The mingled odors of asparagus and unshaven men....

I just like the term "Honkbal".  On our last trip to Europe I tried hard to find a place where we could take in a ballgame.  We came close in Genk Belgium.  But alas, Genk is a much bigger place than you might imagine and our navigation skills proved insufficient.  Next year we will try again.

First game of the World Series tonight, weather permitting.  For fans of the two championship teams contending, congratulations. In that regard also, next year we will try again.

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