Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The One that Didn't Get Away at the Thrift Sale

Walking on a Sunday morning we came across a thrift sale.  I stopped to look at one rather eye catching item.  The guy in charge said:

"Hey, you need a fish?"

"How much?"

".........Five bucks."

At that price, yes, yes I do need a fish.

This magnificent slab 'o Taxidermy is hanging out in my secret underground workshop as negotiations continue.  You'd think a majestic King salmon would look great anywhere, right?  If you think that you presumably have a Y chromosome.

On the back of the mount I found this:

There is no Burokek Taxidermy in Janesville Wisconsin at this time.  But of course the fish looks to be decades old.  Oddly, Janesville is something of a taxidermy mecca.  Why there is even a Rhinehart Taxidermy Institute there.

Go figure.

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