Friday, September 20, 2013

Everybody getting along

A street scene from the late 1800s:

No clue as to the reason for the photo.  Cold weather but some occasion serious enough that a bunch of men stood still and stared into the camera.  The white horses attached to the delivery wagons did likewise.

But the interesting details are hiding in the background:

In addition to the Business College with Night School we see two different drug stores. Next door to each other.

Back in the day drug stores were more abundant.  In a pre-automobile era you really needed one in every part of town.  And they sold a varied line of goods, paint, art supplies, hardware, fireworks, cosmetics and such like, in addition to the usual prescription and patent medicines.

But still, two drug stores side by side?

You would not think it likely, but they both were successful businesses for a long time.

On the left we have the Eagle Drug Store.  It was established in 1875 and stuck around until at least 1907.  At one point it had a large, gold leaf covered Eagle and Mortar emblem over the door.  Alas, not to be seen in this 1890's image, but recalled in a series of very fetching embossed bottles:

The drug store on the right was The Good Luck Store.  It was established in 1883 by David Chisholm, who split off from the Goddard and Chisholm partnership shown above.  Was there some sort of falling out between the men?  If so, setting up shop right next door would seem a bit....cheeky.  And the sort of venture that might not fly.  But the Good Luck store also did well, also surviving into the 20th century albeit with Mr. Chisholm moving on after a short time.   They also have some nice bottles:

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