Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mind Games and Foil

In medicine you have to keep on learning things.

In the Emergency Room one of the cool new things is bedside use of ultrasound.  While we will never be quite as nimble as the ultrasound techs, it is possible to train physicians to make very quick calls on important things like internal bleeding.

I have done some medical education on the topic and have been using a loaner device to widen my experience.

Now we are planning on buying our very own ER ultrasound machine.

I do have a slight worry though, one of the contenders is this:

Honest to God, this is the Mindray M7.

Of course Mindray is a fine company, maker of good equipment.  But in my line of work we see a fairly high number of patients with mental health issues.  And you just know that some day I will have to examine a paranoid individual with abdominal pain.  I can see it already (in my "mind's eye).

"Ahhh!  Ahhh!  Get those Mind Rays away from me!"

I guess we could cover up the name plate on the machine.

With tin foil, just to be sure.
Addendum:  We did indeed purchase the Mindray model.  I had to ask....and was told that it is a Chinese company.  Mindray appears to be a kludgy translation from the Mandarin.  In original form it means something along the lines of "A Higher Way of Understanding".  Who knew?  26 Nov. 2013

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