Monday, July 29, 2013

Charles Babbage Sent Me

Computer Nerd: “Good Afternoon Gentlemen.  What can I help you find today?”

Your Humble Correspondent: “A laptop for my boy here.  Needs it for school.”

CN: “Right!  Well, we have a nice selection right over here.  I suggest…”

YHC:  “Ahem.  You were recommended to us as a place that might have some, er, special items…”

CN:  “We certainly serve a wide range of customers, Sir.  From those with rather common place needs on up to those with, shall we say, discriminating tastes?”

YHC:  “My first computer had a hard drive capacity of 20 megabytes.  That was before you were born.”

CN:  “I see.  Now, if you will just step over here.  Yes, behind that display.  And your voices, perhaps a bit of discretion would be in order..”

YHC:  “So.  Do you have any?”

CN:  “What you are looking for is very difficult to find these days.  Very difficult indeed.  But if you promise to keep quiet about it I think we can make a satisfactory arrangement for you.”

YHC:  “So you do have it then?”

CN:  “Yes indeed.  Here before you, in a world filled with gaudy trash is a fine example of functional beauty.  A computer that will serve you without complaint or flaw.  A reminder of an earlier, a simpler, yes I will say it, a better time.  Please give it a good home, respect it and cherish it.”

And so it was that we bought one of the last Windows 7 computers on the – more or less – open market.

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