Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tree Shaped Tombstones-Personal Touches


You find them on only a minority of tree shaped tombstones, but the little personal touches add a lot of appeal.  Sometimes they relate to the occupation of the Departed, but sometimes they are simply an enigma.

Here we have a chisel.  Although you occasionally see axes on these tombstones this seems to be an isolated and somewhat out of context use of a wood splitting tool.

A choo-choo train!  The fellow must have worked for the railroad.

Another, somewhat better done train.  There is even coal in the coal car.  See the odd looking thing on the front of this monument?

It is a representation, in stone, of the fancy embroidered pillows so popular in the late 19th century.  Definitely a his and hers monument.

I suppose this fellow could have been a professional musician.  Or maybe just somebody who liked to fiddle.

Now this one is odd.  I get the sickle and the sheaf of wheat.  In the days before the whole Soviet unpleasantness it just meant you were or had been a farmer.  But my that a chicken foot?  Why?

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