Friday, October 19, 2012

Machines Behaving Badly-work in progress

The robotics classes are progressing.  I have some good help.  I have figured out where to find plywood scrap in the shop area and have learned which students are not to be trusted with sharp objects outside of my direct supervision.  We have a few machines already up and running.

Practice driving is very useful.  Often things break under the simple stress of gentle movement.  I tell the kids that is a good much better to find out now when you have an opportunity to make revisions and repairs.

A one pound machine.  No difficulties making weight, the whole thing is made of foam insulation.  The orange duct tape is in honor of deer hunting season, a very significant religious holiday among the observant.

Another one pounder.  The body is made from an old VHS cassette box.  To his credit the lad was too polite to ask me what a VHS tape was.  Note the thumb tacks for traction on the plywood arena floor.

Practice driving.  The eight forks are pretty much ornamental.  One of those wheels look a little crooked?  It was falling off as I took this shot.  As I said, better now than in competition....

This student, a returning veteran from last year, had the notion to use plastic milk cartons for armor.  A pretty good idea that.  I am not sure why he thinks he will need four layers of the stuff, but it sounds like it should suffice...

Every batch of robots has a few "apex predators", machines that are just plain ferocious. This is the frame of a machine that has a lexan bar spinning off the hub of a reworked Barbie Jeep gearbox.  Very nasty.  Too bad he will have nary an ounce left for protective armor....

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