Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leaving Northumbria

On my excavating trips to Vindolanda I always take the opportunity, once, to climb up a very steep hill and stand next to the Wall constructed by the Emperor Hadrian some 1800 years ago.

I look back down on the Twice Brewed Inn in fading light.

It is a view designed to make you think.  The Wall and the landscape are unchanging, people come and go.

I hope to be back, but you can never quite be sure.  I have seen older diggers wobble a bit when pushing a heavy wheelbarrow and with the soggy weather and wet dirt I have myself been a little more tired when my head hits the pillow.

And we have things happening in the year ahead.  Last kid out of High School, first kid getting married.  And who knows what else.

On certain Roman coins of the Late Empire there was a motto.  FEL. TEMP. REP.  In full it was FELICITAS TEMPORUM REPARATIO.

May the Good Times Return.

Speaking of returning I am starting the homeward journey.  Between uncertain Wifi and probable jet lag I may not post for a few days.

From the Twice Brewed Inn on the edge of Empire.


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Harry said...

I never get tired of that view. Much as I adore Vindolanda -- and I do -- I think it's that view that finally gets under my skin and gets the plan ticket bought.

Hopefully it will for you again next spring; I'm expecting to be far less practical in '13 than I have been this year!