Saturday, May 12, 2012

Archeology, the Mole's Eye View

This may come as news to my non archeology readers, but the most industrious, hardest working, most fearless archaeologist afoot these days does not resemble Indiana Jones in any particular.  He actually looks like this:

Moles.  They are pretty much everywhere in the UK, and always busy digging around at things.  Often they turn up little bits and bobs in their efforts.

So looking at mole hills is a traditional way to do site surveys.  It is cheap and pretty much non invasive.  Well, actually the little guys do disturb things a bit, mess up the strata and so forth, but issuing rules and regs forbidding them to do so has had minimal effect.

Here is a link to another site in this general part of the UK.  My B & B hostess participated and says a number of things were found including an ornamental fitting for a water faucet.

On a brilliant Saturday (oh so much better than 48 hours ago!) between digging sessions, three of us went about to a Roman site that shall remain anonymous.  There was said to be a bathhouse in a secluded part of the site, and we saw some irregularity in the turf.

Consulting the Moles....
Zooming in closer we see.....

Tell tale bits of Roman brick!  Circa 2nd Century AD and brought up this week by my small, fuzzy colleagues!


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Apparently the Latin word for mole is 'talpa'. :-)

Tacitus2 said...

Ave, talpa!