Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Existential Tattoo!

In the ER you see a lot of tattoos.  It is a combination of a certain, shall we say reckless demographic along with the professional necessity of exposing body surfaces to bright and unforgiving lighting.

Some are OK.  Some are not.

My advice to anyone considering a "tatt" is that they should never be on an area you can't cover for a job interview, and that they should never contain antibody's name besides "Mother".  I mean, lets be realistic; on the off chance that Dezdeemoanah does you wrong and ditches you, just how long do you imagine it will take to find another woman with this name.  And as you contemplate this soberly (another rule for tattoos) remember that current technology will confine your search to this solar system, and there might not be a second specimen contained within it.

My objections to tattoos are several. 

1. Practical.  Your success in life will be constrained by going around with "Jack Daniels" on one wrist and "Mr. ZigZag" on the other.  There are only so many jobs in head shops.

2. Chronological.  Tattoos are forever, barring expensive phasering or ridiculous over tatts.  One of the myriad reasons I am not planning on a single day of residence in a Nursing Home is this; withered, wrinkly arms encircled by those barbed wire tribal tatoos....pumping feebly in the air as the Activity Director plays vintage Rock-n-Roll 3D sensofields.  Corrugated skin with faded ink, the addled gomers with wispy mullets croaking "Free Birrrrdddd...."

Sorry for that image.

3. Monotony.  It is amazing how often youthful rebellion is expressed in such conventional, repetitious ways.

But I do see a few tattoos that catch my eye.  A few I even approve of.  Anchors and Marine bulldogs in remembrance of loyal service to country are impossible to dislike.

Recently I saw one that stopped me in my tracks.  There in brilliant colors on the backside of a young lady who already had cause to regret it was a tattooed quotation for Friedrich Nietzche, 19th century Existential Philosopher.

No, not "God is Dead", his other famous quip "That which does not kill me makes me Stronger".

Ooof.  I guess she does not need to look at it all the time, but isn't that a little like going through life with a permanent "Kick Me" sign taped to you?

There are a lot of websites that show unfortunate tattoo decisions.  Some are too horrible to link to.  Others are more making fun of the people than the artwork, this seems mean. 

But THIS is worth a quick look, and will induce more wonder than nausea.  But don't go past the first page, trust me.


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Outstanding Buffett reference :-)

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Buffett....hmmm. I was thinking Lynryd Skynyrd. But old Warren is getting a bit long of tooth, so slot him right into that mental picture of the party-on gomers!