Friday, April 20, 2012

At the thrift store

A box full of plush toys.  Out of curiosity I googled the rather distinctive name on the box and found out that George Prazak was one of the authors of an article on the use of sulfa antibiotics in treating meningitis.  Date of publication?  1943.  He was a Lt. Colonel by then so this packing crate is likely earlier.
An interesting turn of phrase.  You hear of people being killed over arguments and drug deals gone bad.  In this case being killed over something is quite literal.  At least for the geese.

Official looking Census Bureau tote bags.  The store had a whole bunch of these.  You would think the Census Bureau would do a better job of predicting the numbers needed.
I almost bought this.  I really don't need another hot glue gun, but the design of this was obviously influenced by Star Trek phasers!

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