Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Dee K6-The Truth comes out

In the finest tradition of blogging I wrote my recent post Unclear on the Marketing Concept which mentioned a large fiberglass mouse named Big Dee K6 and then after the fact went about looking for real information on him.  As it turns out, a feature writer for a local paper did some actual investigative journalism and found out the  following:

I seem to have been wrong about the name.  This is Murray the Mouse.  My recollections of an Ivan the Mouse are either random synapses firing off or, more likely, me remembering a different cheese mouse.  They are not exactly unheard of in Wisconsin after all.  I would also not rule out a brief name change during his merchantile wanderings.

Reading about his various decorations..hunting vest, Santa suit, unspecified yet inappropriate anatomic appendage seems likely that the graffitti currently to be found on Murray is indeed petty vandalism.  Or lousy artistic expression which amounts to the same thing.

The Eau Claire Leader Telegram article from two years ago alludes to plans to hoist the big rat up and perch him atop the Red Zone.  Sadly for those of us in search of Ultra Kitch this has not come to pass.

As I suspected all along, Murray is a product of F.A.S.T, Fiberglass Animals Shapes and Trademarks.  This thriving little niche business is in Sparta, Wisconsin and seems to be doing rather nicely, thank you, catering to the odd midwestern fascination with big fiberglass stuff. 

Next Door Laura has made a pilgrimage to their headquarters. More on this  here.  And here.  And here.

I must note from the above article that Murray's travels have a rather random nature to them.  Who would have imagined him as a Mother's Day gift?  Or being offered for free at the drive through window of a Dairy Queen?  Yet another example, and a 9 foot tall 300 pound example to boot, of me not being in the right place at the right time......

And finally, additional kudos to Next Door Laura for unearthing evidence of a band called THE BIG DEEKS.  I think she has correctly translated the spray painted cryptogram.

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