Monday, June 27, 2011

Valedictory Sentiments

It was late springtime in Wisconsin, so along rural byways you saw many indications of high school graduations.  Lots of signs announcing "Justin's Party" or some such, usually with school color balloons bobbing precariously in the wind. 

Less commonly you might see a sign congratulating a group of graduates, say, members of a given church.

And every once in a while something more substantial put up by a local business to Well Wish an entire graduating class.

Check out this substantial example
This was on a flat bed outside a plumbing establishment, and yes indeed, its a gigantic septic tank.

At first I thought it was an odd tribute-it is one assumes shortly going to be buried somewhere-but on reflection I am really warming to it.

There was considerable care, and some expense, devoted to the decoration.  It will serve as a highly perplexing time capsule for far future archeologists.  And honestly, when you get right down to it what accomplishments of technological society are actually more crucial than indoor plumbing?

Best of wishes Jacks and Jills.


next door Laura said...

I believe the beauty of this gesture is precisely that "it will be soon buried". No sign to recycle or discard of. Nothing hanging around for an opposing school to graffitize. Very little possibility of theft. Highly visible and eye-catching. Making use of resources at hand. Yes, Congratulations clever Jacks and Jills. I'm sure that Detritus readers are aware that the Drummond High School mascots are not Mother Goose characters, but rather, Sawyers from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, but just in case, there it is.

Honeybee said...

Lightbulb moment, thanks to NDL: Sawyer County! Now I get it!