Monday, June 6, 2011

The Brains of the outfit

We are at war.

Like so many conflicts of the modern era it has been a lingering, low level conflict.  It had no official start-in fact it has been ongoing for generations.  There will be no armistice or peace treaty signed to bring it to an end.

We are at war with rodents.

Chipmunks raiding our garage.  Squirrels on the bird feeder.  FLYING squirrels living in the walls.  Rabbits in the garden (technically of the order Lagomorpha, not Rodentia, but clearly an allied force).

Until recently I believed that this was a true guerrilla movement, one with no real leadership.  Just an endless font of dim witted recruits animated by hunger and ill conceived plans.

But I now know differently.  There is an organization, a leadership structure.  And at the top of the organizational chart for Rodent Jihad.....

This is Sugar Bush Squirrel.  He appears to be a real Eastern Grey Squirrel living in a posh private compound in Florida.  Unlike most fugitives SBS seems to love publicity, his website-well worth the visit-proclaims him to be The Worlds Most Photographed Squirrel
Here are a few of his other disguises:

Mafiosa Squirrel

A disguise so clever I am not sure what it is!

It will be a long campaign.  New fronts are opening up all the time (Community Garden planting has begun). Given their ridiculous advantage in numbers and their support by a "cute" enabling mass media, our final victory is in doubt.

But we shall soldier on.  No matter how long it takes we will persevere.  Even if at the distant end we raise an arthritic arm to feebly pitch a trowel at some fuzzy thief making off with the last morsel of our garden produce.

Until then, visit the Sugar Bush site.  It is a marvel of human ingenuity.

And a good chance to get to know the Enemy.

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