Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tanks a lot

For an area that has had no military conflict of any sort since the Black Hawk War of 1832 (and that only lasted a few weeks), Wisconsin seems rather heavily armed.  As I go here and there to my various jobs I see things like this:
outside a VFW in Eau Claire

And this:

Guarding Highway 70 in Spooner

And this:
This one is in Elroy, but I used to know where a similar one was located that was open.  My kids swiveled the turret to aim at passing cars!

These were donated to local Veterans organizations or National Guard units when they became obsolete, and I think have a certain majesty to them....kind of like martial versions of dinosaur skeletons in the natural history museum.  A couple of industrious guys have collected a listing of all such memorials in the state, which you can find here .

I am keeping the list handy, because you never know when you might wake up some morning and find that your neighbors have become, oh, 25% less pleasant:

Yes, a Zombie outbreak could seriously ruin your day.

But not mine.

No sir.  I am going to set out to the nearest tank memorial with a large can of diesel fuel and my Number 2 son, a young man of protean mechanical aptitude.

Give us maybe half an hour and he will have things MacGyvered into operational status, and my family will not only ride out the Inevitable Zombie Inconvenience, we will ride it out in style!

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