Friday, December 13, 2019

Signs of the Times December 2019

Seen parked outside the high school's tech ed wing.

A manual mill.  Boy that's some sturdy machinery.  I learned on a similar machine and really got to like it.  I suspect fancy new CNC machines are replacing this old soldier. They won't last multiple decades as he did.

Seen in the middle school cafeteria.

I thought the CIA was usually a bit sneakier about things.  But given their recent track record maybe not.  I'm not sure that curly red ribbon was really what they were looking for in raising "Black Funds".  Perhaps it is some sort of incriminating tape!


dorfer21 said...

is it available for pick up? (as if i didn't hope?)

Tim Wolter said...

I sent you an email.

Honeybee said...

On the curb or going to the Flags for the Fallen dumpster (I hope not)? And darn, what fun we could have if only one of us had a 3rd garage bay!

Tim Wolter said...

I asked and was told that yes, it is being "retired". It's pretty old and likely has a lot of mechanisms with a degree of "slop" that would make precision machining difficult. Could it be revived? Who knows. Wanna help me drag it down the basement stairs? T