Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Archeology Spring Training Part Two - Faces of the Past

I think all but the last of today's artifacts came from a single site, the privy out behind a rather substantial mansion from the 1880s.  Most of these items appear to be 1900 to 1910, but of course things hang around a while before the inevitable slip of the hand sends them tumbling....

I guess the occupant of this house had a collecting bug.  I'm just showing you the ones with interesting faces, there were plenty of other odds and ends, cast iron animals, dolls arms and legs etc.

I feel like I should know this guy.  The collar button looks a bit military but it is not Grant, Sherman or - good heavens - Robert E. Lee.  I think it might be a kindly depiction of Grover Cleveland.  GC had a luxuriant 'stash like this, but then so did all men in the late 19th century.  The time period is about right, Cleveland being the only president to every serve non consecutive terms (1885-89 and then 1893-97)

This one is rather creepy.  It is pressed tin but has no decoration whatsoever.  Not a large doll, I wonder if it was decorative, like something you'd have on your similarly constructed ceiling of that era?

This on the other hand looks like art.  A nice little terra cotta statuette.  The broken cornucopia and the push up decolletage make me think....French.

A sturdy little lad.  He seems to have extra big feet.  I assume this was to make him more stable standing on a table.

Dogs have faces too.  This cheerful if somewhat dim witted looking pooch is happily waiting for his master - who has left one leg behind - to return.  Perhaps a flower holder?

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