Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bag and Tag 2018

"Bag and Tag" is the end of the FIRST robot building season, the point at which the machine goes into a sealed and numbered storage bag, not to be touched until tournament play.

Many teams are frantically working up to the last minute, and in their defense, there is always more to do.

But our team philosophy is "Done before Deadlines".  This proved prudent as we lost what would have otherwise been a critical work day to a nasty ice storm earlier in the week.

We of course have a half dozen small things to tweak but practically speaking our ambitions of being ready to start practice matches promptly at the tournament seems feasible.  The lost day of work likely means we won't make the ultimate goal which is to unbag the robot at the event and immediately wave inspectors over for the required pre-event scrutiny.  But we should be close.  In past years we have had to swap over electronics, and a nasty bit of work that can be.  Now we have two complete sets, one just waiting on the robot.

A few pictures from Bag and Tag, it was as planned, mostly a fun night.

Robot playing Jenga

A parade following the bagged robot into the corner of the shop.  For some reason they played taps and all saluted.

Prior to bagging, robot grabs a broom and starts sweeping.

On to competition season....

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