Friday, May 12, 2017

Vindolanda 2017 Day Nine

A little puzzle to start the day.

Is this: Geology, Archeology or Pudding?

I will give you a clue, it is not an artifact.  I would never clobber anything important hard enough to split it in two.

The other two categories are tougher.  Pudding you see is a catch all description of pretty much any foodstuff in the UK.  Dessert, main dishes, appetizers.  The category encompasses almost anything edible and a few things that I would say are not.

So, rock or dessert.  I will just say that it is pretty darn heavy but as a clue that is not going to help you much.

Moving more rubble today.  I did not personally find anything but next to me came up a nice ring.  I don't generally show pictures of metal finds but this has already been on the Vindolanda official twitter feed so the embargo is off.

It is a really big ring, presumably a man's size.  In the above photos it is modeled by one of the staff archaeologists.  She claims this means she is now "married to the site". 1800 years is a substantial age gap in any relationship but lets hope they make things work out.

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