Sunday, May 28, 2017


I have been blogging for six years or so, and on Facebook for about half that time. Essentially in this and all internet activities I have written under one or another pseudonyms, or "nom de cursors" as I like to call them.

This was not for any reasons nefarious.  But rather for reasons of a pragmatic nature.

When practicing medicine, especially in a setting such as the ER, it is just not ideal to have total transparency.  I mean, if the patients out in the waiting room are wondering why it is taking so long to be seen, would you really want them to Google up your name and find pictures of you lounging about in a pub with a pint of ale?

No, I thought not.

But I am now officially retired.  Whatever professional reputation I had in that prior life is now practically past the point where significant burnishing or tarnishing is likely. I was good at what I did.  Not perfect of course, nobody ever is, but I worked hard, I cared about the patients, and I always tried to do the right thing.

And in a non professional life it does not matter if people think I am eccentric.  I rather enjoy it in fact.

So, away with the pseudonyms.  I will keep the Dagmar Suarez email for communication but I am going to see if Tacitus2 and Badger Trowelsworthy* can have an offical name change to the more correct, if less colorful moniker that I have carried around for lo these many decades.

For those who know me only from Detritus of Empire allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Tim Wolter.

*Badger Trowelsworthy was a pseudonym that took on enough life of its own that the old boy deserves a proper send off.  It is forthcoming......

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