Wednesday, April 5, 2017

FIRST Robotics - Tournament Time

The long march to competition concludes.  After months of preparation, a crazy six week build season and another six weeks of software tinkering and practice we are off to compete at the Minnesota North Star tournament.

Thursday is for tuning up systems and practice matches.  Friday all day and Saturday am are qualification rounds.  By Saturday afternoon 24 teams out of the initial 60 play on in elimination rounds.  Everyone else packs up, although in our case it is just a temporary pack up, we are doing another tournament in LaCrosse just one week later.

It is possible to watch our matches in real time at: 

The Blue Alliance

We are team 5826.  The bigger the number the newer the team so as you can see we are one of the least experienced teams there.  This is actually about the same as last year but of course then we beat out roughly 50 veteran teams and ended up as one of the eight "Alliance Captains" in the final rounds.

Will we do this well again?  The year long debate as to whether last year's team was That Good or That Lucky should be answered in the days ahead.

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