Monday, April 3, 2017

April, and somewhat Bare Shelves

A new month.  Looking back at posting for March it might appear as if I was using a lot of filler.  You know, just the odd little things that interest me in daily life as opposed to actual researched stuff and creative writing.

I always try to keep a stockpile of at least three weeks worth of material on hand. You never know when Life's complexities will crop up.  As I now sit at the keyboard I basically have in complete form a couple of Brewery Cave posts, a mediocre one on Tree Shaped Tombstones, and a residue of half baked stuff that I just tossed into drafts to keep me from forgetting that I had the start of an idea at one point.

But you don't blog continuously for six years without a sense of timing.

This week is the last hectic push to get ready for our initial FIRST robotics event. I have no idea how we will do, there is this great gulf between Theory and Practice. But I do know that one week later we power up to do it a second time.  Doing two intense, energy draining events in consecutive weeks is an act of crazy people.  With Crazy People any damn thing can happen.  I'll be posting apace.

After that I will presumably have two weeks of discretionary time.  There are a couple of Spring Road Trips that I have in mind.

And then.  And then.  Back to England for the annual two weeks of archeology at the Roman fort site of Vindolanda.  Followed by "un ritorno in Italia".  Yes, even though the touristy fountain you were supposed to toss a coin into was in dry dock on our last visit, it is back to Rome.  And beyond.

Which will take me up to the beginning of summer.

And as a retired person who has constructed his schedule around robotics and travel I look at my calendar for June/July/August and notice that it is as of this writing, blank.

Things may change after that.  Travels are always good for ideas but I am pretty sure that the basic play list will stay the same until mid summer. Robots, caves, ancient walls, tombstones and the odd things I see here and there.   

So we shall see you here and there.

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