Monday, March 27, 2017

Because it's not just about being a Nerd

FIRST Robotics has a lot of slogans.  One is that it is about "More than just Robots".  And that is true.

By extension the organization has worked very hard to broaden the scope of the program so that it is not entirely populated by programmers and their kindred spirits.  That is to say, Nerds.

Tournament time approaches.  The other day my wife and I were trying hard to use a small store credit at a place that technically is an "Architectural Salvage" business but practically speaking is a huge 19th century barn full of random old stuff.  It was tough going.  We already have enough brass doorknobs and don't have any convenient place to install a stained glass window much less a bunch of decorations from a decommissioned church.

Finally my wife peered into a cardboard box and found something she thought would be nice presents for the FIRST team members.

Pocket protector/pen holders.  More or less the traditional badge of office for Nerds.  I like that these are from a wide assortment of companies.  Here we have the makers of paint, auto parts, assorted tools....and of Hostess Twinkies.

I know, FIRST is not just about Nerds.

But it is partly about them.

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