Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bag and Tag 2017

Another build season, another robot is "in the bag".  Build Team hands the keys over to the drive and software teams.  My crew gets a well deserved week off.

How will it do?  Unknown.  But it appears to be hard to break and easy to repair.   

Not everything we did worked out perfectly, and there is still the chance of catastrophic failure. We might for instance have the climbing mechanism chew through our rope as happened once in practice.  Probably a three foot drop onto its snout would be the real test...

We finished the season with an unserious practice.  Anybody who wanted to could drive the robot.  No collisions but you can sure tell the difference between our novices and our veteran drivers from last year.  We finished the build season in high spirits, unlike last year when we had some needless High School High Drama to contend with.

Goodnight robot.   See you soon.

Tournaments are still a month off so robot posting will be scaled back for a bit.

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The Old Man said...

Time to crack out the fables and stories and wait for the results. Looks good as near as I can tell, and hopefully will function well.