Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A small town in our area was having its annual Fall Fest.  A balmy September day with the usual attractions.  Food, music, crafts.....wiener dog races.

The Dachshund race course was set up with a beer garden along one side so that you could enjoy "short beers and long dogs".  It seemed like marketing genius but wiener dog races are actually less interesting visually than you might imagine.  The pups are low to the ground and divided into two categories; off like a shot and never leaving the gate.  Oh well, I can prefer Llama racing.

But the lowest blow of all was when they paraded some winsome hounds about wearing Adopt Me sweaters.  The announcer said the paper work could be handled on the spot courtesy of the local Animal Shelter.

Darn.  Going home still dogless stung a bit.

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