Friday, September 9, 2016

Forgotten Brewery Caves - Guard duty in Dubuque

Here's a charming little item from the Dubuque Daily Herald, September 22nd, 1885.

--"Punch" is dead and buried.  Punch was the dog the Glab Bros. had twelve years to guard their premises at night.  He slept aside the safe and was more formidable than a combination lock.  The dog was valuable to his owners.  He was worth $50, which sum has frequently been refused. The animal was buried yesterday aside the beer cave in the rear of the house, with all the respect his owners could give him.

Dubuque is an exception to the usual tedious story of brewing in Iowa, always on the verge of being voted "dry" by narrow minded officials.  It might help that elsewhere in the same edition of this paper is the news that Mayor Glab has just returned home from Chicago!

This photo of the entrance to the Glab Brewery cave is not mine, it was borrowed from elsewhere.  The cave is behind Holy Ghost Catholic Church and School on Central and West 30th Street.

The cave entrance is sealed and is partially behind a storage building.  The turqoise color is nice, I suspect it is a decorative touch from a previous incarnation as a "grotto".

The whereabouts of Punch are not certain but I prefer to think he is still resting nearby and that he enjoys hearing the sounds of children playing.

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