Friday, July 29, 2016

The Super Cows

Monroe Wisconsin calls itself "The Swiss Cheese Capitol of the USA".  That pretty much tells you what you need to know about the place.  It was settled by Swiss, so the place is quaint and immaculately tidy.  And they really like their cows.

So when we were passing through on our road trip and saw a sign announcing "Super Cows - Historic Town Square", we had to turn off.  What I was expecting to find was, well, exactly what we did find.

Stationed around the old brick central square were carved figures of assorted bovine heroes.  

Batman Cow looking suitably dark and mysterious.  Perhaps inspired by the Black Angus variety.

The Incredible Hulk is not looking happy here.  Somebody has broken off his right horn.  This will not end well.

Superman Cow.  Now admittedly I am a full generation removed from farm life but even I know enough about male bovine anatomy to state with confidence that the skimpy shorts worn by "Supe" and by the Hulk above would not meet any standards of modesty!

On a similar note it probably does not bear thinking about what it would take to squeeze udders into the capacious but poorly located brassiere of Wonder Woman.

The Flash has a bit more "giddyup" than most cows.  It appears he has just received instructions from the Mayor or Commissioner Gordon, or somebody in the Courthouse directly behind him.

Thor, looking decidedly non-Swiss.

One last pleasing bit of art.  Super Girl Cow posing demurely next to a small community garden plot.  Most farm families have genuine affection for their cows and consider them as both "girls" and most decidedly "super".

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jon spencer said...

Years ago, the last time I was there, just out of the town there was a farm that had enough with wind powered mobiles that it looked like it was straight out of the movie Twister.