Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At the Corner of Faith and Judgement - Summer 2016

A few pictures from our recent road trip.  Much more of course to follow in the weeks ahead.

Shullsburg Wisconsin has some fascinating street names:

You can STOP at the intersection of Faith and Judgement.  Judgement is the main street in the town and it also meets up with Friendship, Peace, Truth and Cyclops.

If you had somehow forgotten that Sheboygan is a very Teutonic city that likes to have a good time, just look up as you walk down 8th Street.

I really should not seek out signs entirely for the purpose of upsetting my British pal MooseandHobbes, but it would be hard to find more anti-vegetarian sentiments than this sign snapped through the window of a small town meat market.  They have been turning Bambi into Burgers since 1890.

A 19th Century tobacco warehouse in Edgerton Wisconsin.  It was just after a nice rain shower so the "ghost signs" were visible.  The middle section has scraps of meaning.  "...N FOR MEN" "HENRY"  "5 c".  We thought it was an awful lot of artistic effort for a surface that would only be seen by people riding on the trains.

At their home base in Kohler Wisconsin the eponymous Kohler Corporation has their amazing Design Center.  More high end plumbing fixtures that you can imagine, designer bathroom displays that cost more than I paid for our house, booths where you can turn on a dozen different shower nozzles all at once and so forth.  I especially like the forty foot tall Wall of Tubs and Toilets.

Because she likes puns and I am feeling a little badly about the carcass drop off photo I shall mention to M&H that I dubbed the triumphant figure at the top "The Emperor Commodus".

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