Monday, June 6, 2016

Signs of the Times - Medical Edition

With overseas travels behind me and only a couple of road trips for the foreseeable future I figured I might as well go back to work a bit this summer.  It keeps me out from underfoot and hopefully will allow us to live on a higher quality of cat food when we are impoverished oldsters.

One of the sites I work at opened a brand spankin' new clinic since my last stint there.  It is quite nice albeit with a sense of being heavily engineered for maximum Provider Productivity.  I don't think I have operated out of a cubicle since residency.

Of course my sense of humor being what it is I had to wander about and marvel at things.  Here are a few images of State of the Art Medicine in 2016....along with the odd things that they brought to my mind.

I know we live in unsettled times, times in which bad things occasionally happen in work places.
A big Red Button does make sense.  A big red non functioning button makes less sense.  And I would have hesitated to call it a "Duress Button" instead of the more descriptive "Panic Button".  Maybe they don't want anyone to panic.  But even with a very good employer such as these folks, don't you think employees might, on the occasional bad day, feel like pushing the Duress Button when they are being forced to comply with some silly directive from management?

Ah. Close your eyes and breath in deeply.  Smell the varnish and wood stain?  No?  Oh, that's because this "pod" of patient care rooms is designated Oak.  This is the minor procedures room.

Health care facilities have for some years now been on the front lines in Americas war on obesity. As a result chairs keep getting wider and stronger.  I looked at this and thought, "Huh.  Looks like Forrest Gump's Bus Bench". On the bright side you sometimes find parents and kids snuggled up on it reading a book.

I felt a little badly taking a picture of this one.  It was right next to Administrator Country.  But I could not resist a quick, blurry shot:

I doubt my ID badge would open this one, and I'm not about to give it a try.  I am absolutely sure that if I did open it, this is what would pop out:

I'm just as happy for Data to stay "in the closet".

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