Monday, June 27, 2016

Family, including the Ketchup Cousins

I was out for a walk on a recent Saturday.  It was getting hot and I had no particular enthusiasm for my objective; our community garden plot which was in need of weeding.  So it was with considerable delight that I began to detect the faint odor of cooking bratwurst, and the happy buzz of a gathering crowd.  I had forgotten you see that it was time for another sort of community: our local brewery's annual Family Reunion.

In this context Family is a rather inclusive concept.  You show up and prove you are over 21 (my grizzled beard was sufficient ID) and you will be given an armband that gets you food and beer.

Bratwurst being cooked on an industrial scale.

Add some chips (sorry, crisps to my UK pals) and a cookie.  It was a very hot day and I am afraid the cookie turned into chocolate lava before I got around to eating it.

Ketchup, mustard, onions and sauerkraut.

The authorities of course were on hand but for this kind of gathering they sent The Cool Police.

There were even a few happy dogs.  They got bowls of water.

But for their masters....why, everyone got to take home a free 12 pack of beer!  I picked up mine early in the day but I don't think I really needed to have done so.  The fork lift just kept bringing out more pallets full.

A marvelous day.  Although we are fated to live in oft troubled times this day the sun shown down on the Saintly and the Struggling with equal radiance.  Contrary to what we have always been taught, there really was not only a Free Lunch but Free Beer to boot.  And everyone was Family, even those extremely peculiar cousins who think it is OK to put ketchup on a bratwurst.

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The Old Man said...

Every family has those cousins... Just keep 'em in the attic.