Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's good to learn a new word from time to time.  And recently one of my archaeology pals gave me a swell one:  Saggar.

This is what one looks like:

Basically a saggar is a simple ceramic vessel in which other ceramics are fired in the kiln.  They turn up pretty often in UK archaeological sites.  But while the concept is quite old, the name seems to be more recent.  The saggar protects the pottery from the damaging effects of uneven heat.  The word is said to be a contraction of "safeguard".

An alternate form of the word is "sagger".  Wikipedia lists two other definitions of this word as being a Soviet era anti-tank missile, and.....a person who wears his baggy pants down low...

Oy.  A belt, my style oblivious friend, would be a prudent safeguard for you.

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