Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Its been a long haul the last six to twelve months.  I have stuck with three times a week posting all through full time work in the ER, and my dad's long last days, and through the fun but crazy robotics projects at the middle school and FIRST levels.

But these have all cut into my ability to write interesting posts, both from reduced travel and from simple fatigue.

I going to go to a twice a week posting schedule next month.  There's just a lot going on. I am restarting a bit of clinic work then have a couple of  FIRST robotics events that could just plunge head long into the May travel season.

Thanks for hanging in there.

Next week begins March of 2016.  Five years since Detritus of Empire first appeared.  I am approaching 1,000 posts.

After a brief rest I think 2016 should be a very good year for writing.  There will be some of the usual features, back to England and to the excavations at Vindolanda.  There will be more brewery cave hunting and minor league baseball.  I don't do "grandpa" stuff but just having a delightful new generation on hand should help relieve the fatigue.  The "Tacitus MD" category will come "out of retirement" at least for a while.

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Weetabix said...

Here's wishing for refreshment for both you and me!