Monday, December 14, 2015

CCC Camp Delta

Civilian Conservation Corps camps are fairly numerous in northern Wisconsin.  Camp Delta is one that we had driven by often on our way to the Delta Diner, which is the only - but most excellent - reason to visit the tiny hamlet of Delta.

Some CCC camps lead you on a merry chase, but this one is easy.  It is right on CCC road.  And the original stone and concrete entry pillars still stand.

I am very curious as to what was mounted on the pillars, note the square slots near the top.

Camp Delta existed from 1934 to 1942.  It lasted longer than most CCC establishments, perhaps this accounts for the abundance of remains.  Early and transient camps were improvised out of wood and local stone.  When a place was around for a while more permanent concrete buildings were erected.

This is public land so a walk around on a brisk November morning is no problem.  If you go, as I did, on opening day of deer hunting I suggest wearing red or orange.  That fuzzy brown jacket....not a good plan.

From a post card I have seen I suspect this large and well preserved foundation is from a combined garage and warehouse.

No idea really.  

More of the classic CCC big squares of cement.  In this case adjacent to a depression from a basement.  Perhaps over engineered front step for a barracks?

The bottle is newer than the CCC era.  The fire brick is about right.

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