Friday, September 18, 2015

Worst Bouncy Castle Ever !

Lets just say it.  Health care organizations have a tough sell when in comes to publicity.  Nobody likes to think about blood tests, or eating more vegetables, or having unpleasant diagnostic tests.  But clinics and hospitals still have to try.  Its for our own good after all.

A while back I saw this at a little "do" sponsored by a health system.  Kind of an odd Bouncy Castle, no?  Where does one, well, bounce?  And what is that little sign on the inside?

C'mon in, lets have a look.

Ah, the boundless - and bounce-less - amusement of a large inflatable colon model.  Fun for all ages!

Note, this is actually a fine outfit, I work for them once in a while.  And I am a staunch advocate of colon cancer screening having seen the good and the bad that doing or not doing this unpleasant task can bring.  But does that stop me from observing the absurd as I go hither and thither?  Evidently not.


Matt Voges said...

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Tacitus2 said...

"Comments" that link to a commercial site are not exactly Spam. After all, somebody out there may want to shop for Bouncy Castles even if this particular model would appear to have somewhat limited appeal!

As to Matt, well, once or twice I have exchanged email with similar commentators. Rarely are they entrepreneurial mom and pop businesspersons. Some appear to be hired drudges doomed to rake and harrow the wide field of the internet looking for blog posts to comment on. I suspect they have a list pinned to their cubical wall. Search for: Bouncy Castles, brewery supplies, baseball caps (not sure why but I figure each drone gets part of the alphabet to work from). In one exchange with such an entity I didn't get an outright admission that this was the score, but oblique reference to it being "an interesting job".

Ah heck, Bouncy Castles make people happy. Of course any link on the internet should be closely scrutinized. Make sure there is no bad odor or suspicious ticking noise emanating from anything you put a cursor on.



Matt Voges said...

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