Friday, September 25, 2015

Scenes from Oktoberfest - 2015

A bright and beautiful day recently for our town's annual Oktoberfest.  So many things to see:

This year I changed my allegiance in respect to my preferred food vendor.  This was a very tasty "smoked beer brat".  I asked the proprietor which of the two varieties of mustard would be best on it. He thought a moment and said, "put one type on each end and decide".  Mmmmmm

Inside one of the polka venues.  This is sort of the equivalent of some of the blurry, cacaphonous Punk Rock band videos that one of my Brit pals likes to post.  This looks quite empty, but keep in mind that the Fest had only been open for half an hour when we went up for lunch.  Later on there will be no room at all on the dance floor.  I thought this rendition of "The Beer Barrel Polka" was quite spirited for so early in the day.  I also marvel at the grace of the mostly older polka dancers.

Around the corner was the Giant Pumpkin Contest.

Ridiculously large veggies on display.  The growers are pretty serious about it, notice the shirts in the last photo.  Notice also that the Ladies Version that you can partly see here has an abbreviated slogan. The significance of this is enigmatic.

Not everything that turns up at O-Fest is clearly German.  Here, what do you make of this?

Well, it is obviously a flag festooned miniature covered wagon being pulled by a mechanical armadillo.  I actually could explain this to some extent but think it would be more fun to leave you with the image and let your imaginations play a bit.....

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