Friday, August 7, 2015

Will Work for Ice Cream

Although I mostly work ER these days in my earlier career I was primarily a clinic based family physician.  And I still do the rare day in clinic when the local outfit needs a hand due to vacations and such.

Usually there are Dairy Queen Dilly bars in the break room when I arrive.  It's kind of in my contract.

It all started a few years back when I was filling in for the clinic on a more regular basis.  At the end of the summer the work load was back to normal levels for them and I went back to doing ER.  But oddly there was an error in the payroll department and they kept paying me.  This is all electronic deposits these days so it took a number of months before I figured out what was going on.

I tried to give them their money back.  Its not after all as if I had blown it all on rum and wenches. They refused.  Told me it would screw up their accounting system I guess.

Instead they said I had to keep working for them.  Until we were square.

So, in the first decade of the 21st century I was an Indentured Servant, working off my debts.  I like these folks so that was not really a problem, but I told them that they had better have Dilly Bars for me when I worked, as they were not paying me any other way!

That was some years ago.  My clinic shifts are infrequent these days as their staffing situation has improved and I am actively trying to avoid extra work.

But sometimes, not always, but sometimes,  when I do turn up Administration remembers our informal arrangement and when I peek in the freezer I see a couple of boxes of Dillys!

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